Summer Sandals

Strolling through Munich today, we passed by the Birkenstock store and I just couldn't resist these lavender Vaduz Soft Footbed style sandals. I'm so excited to style these this summer.

{Photo via Birkenstock}
I love the fresh, white bottoms. The lavender and bright white compliment the simpler style so well. I think they'll look so cute with some rolled up denim, featured above. I've had an unmistakable penchant for lavender lately and these certainly fit the bill.

Arizona Winter Wonderland

The holidays are sadly over, but at least this beautiful weather is here to stay! Summers here can be sweltering with 100+ degree temperatures, but winters are honestly lovely. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to wear in Arizona in the winter, or really any season. So, I'm sharing some of my favorite outfits for winter in Arizona; hopefully they are a source of inspiration to you!
Winter Essentials

One of the best things about winter weather in Arizona is that it's cool enough to wear a sweater, but still not freezing enough to put away open-toed shoes (at least for me, anyway!). It can get up to the 70s here in the winter, which is deemed sandal weather by visitors anyway! I just grab a latte, throw on a sweater and I'm good to go! Plus, the splash of oxblood makes me feel a little more winter-y.

Winter Wonderland
For Arizona natives, it might be necessary to bundle up a little more so a cozy sweater is perfect. Sweaters like these are the best- they keep you warm and feel like you're snuggled up at home on the couch, even when you're out running around. I'm obsessed with wintery whites and baby pinks paired with reds right now, if you can't tell. Apparently I'm ready for Valentine's Day!

Winter Must-Haves!

No-matter what I wear, I make sure that I've got some comfy and warm additions on hand!

1. A Scarf
For some reason my neck gets really cold so I always have a scarf in my car or gigantic bag! I love how they can pull an outfit together too! Even if I just have a plain tee and jeans on, I can throw a scarf on and it pulls everything together. It's the perfect accessory.

2. A Beanie or Warm Hat
This is a must, especially if you'll be outdoors at night! I love the ones that look like animals or have a pom-pom on top like the one pictured- so cute!

3. Gloves
Gloves are so easy to throw into your bag; I don't know why I don't carry them more often! I love my tech-friendly gloves that let me keep them on as I fuss with my phone!

4. Fuzzy Socks
You might not wear these out, but these are my favorite winter addition. I wear my Birkenstocks a lot in the winter (yes, I'm crazy) so I pair them with fuzzy socks at home to make them a little warmer!

5. A Big Tote
Of course, I need something to carry this all, so I love having a big tote like the Charlie from Dagne Dover! Now, I wish I could afford a Charlie, so I have a cheaper leather tote, but this is a dream!