I believe in the magic of Disney.

I believe in the consuming magic that Disney creates. Believing you’re really an astronaut zipping through space on Space Mountain, following a rabbit through his adventures in the Briar Patch of Splash Mountain or even witnessing the Abominable Snowman while zipping through the Matterhorn. I believe in the child-like eyes, whether 3 or 103, seeing their favorite character in person for the first time. I believe it really is “a small world after all” and that “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” can never be used too frivolously. I believe in little touches of magic that make such a difference, from talking trashcans to stormtroopers searching Tomorrowland for the rebel spy. I believe the stretching room is actually stretching: that it’s not only my imagination. I believe the best Jungle Cruise jokes are told by skippers after ten, and that Dole Whips either have crack or pixie dust inside of them, because they are just too addicting to not be laced with something. I believe in fairies. I believe in Peter Pan skipping through Fantasyland and making jokes about all of us “grown ups” and how silly we are. I believe in the magic of a child’s simple laugh and the look on their face when they are transformed into a princess at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I believe in the worth and gold of a child’s smile; they really appreciate the smallest things. I believe in adults letting their guard down and eating that second churro. I believe in that tough guy wearing his daughter’s Mickey Ears headband like a champ. I believe in Sleeping Beauty’s castle, covered in snow, glistening in the moonlight. I believe that when Walt said:
 “To all who come to this happy place; welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past...and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America...with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world,” 
that he meant every word of it.
I believe in the candle light in the window of the apartment over the firehouse. A constant reminder of the man who created all of this magic. Who was told “no” a million times, but for that one “yes”, made a difference in the world. I believe in that man who said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” And boy do I believe that he’s right. 

We were given the assignment to write a short essay about "what we believe in" and this is what I wrote. I pretty much passed out when I got home last night, so I decided I'd just share this piece with ya'll.

Have a good Hump Day!

fashionista on a budget: jeans.

For this week's installment of fashionista on a budget, I'd love to explore the topic of jeans. Jeans, the piece I wear nearly everyday whose shade, style and pairings can make or break the tone of an entire outfit! As a fashionista on a budget, I'm usually all for saving as much as possible, but jeans are a piece I will make a semi-decent investment on! I need my jeans to make my butt look good, be comfy, have different styling options and to last longer than a week and not rip when I'm bending down in Forever 21 to be a good samaritan and pick up a shirt that fell off a rack. Yep, riiiiiip! The moral of the story is never skimp on jeans.
top 3 places to find jeans on a budget.

#1 Torrid
For curvy girls looking for jeans, there is absolutely nowhere better than Torrid. They've got so many different styles, colors and pattern for sizes 12+ that are so hard to find otherwise! Not only are their jeans comfortable, but they are under $100 and fit amazingly! I've seen women go into Torrid in shapeless jeans and come out with amazing looking butts! Honestly, Torrid is such a game changer in the plus-size world. These skinny jeans are one of my favorite pairs!

#2 GAP
Let me tell you, I used to be a Gap girl. I went through a phase where there was nothing better in my eyes and thought everything at gap was the HG on clothing... So I know a bit about the product. My personal favorite, and now my mom's favorite too, is the 1969 Real Straight jeans!
The quality of gap jeans is really unparalleled. I haven't been in there in a while, because I've been getting what jeans I need at Torrid being that they took the Gap out of our mall a couple years ago... I was so angry! I really need to stop in there again.

#3 Kohl's
I know, you would not expect Kohl's to have awesome jeans, but if you do a little digging, you can definitely find some great pairs at great prices! I'm partial to the LC (Lauren Conrad) and Elle lines... I've always liked the fit of their skinnies! But there are so many other choices there, too, that I'm sure you'll be able to find a fit for your body type and style! I love this pair of LC skinnies... I'm pretty sure I have nearly 3 pairs. Jeans there are usually less than $40, so out of my 3 choices, Kohl's definitely offers the cheapest options!

Honorable Mentions
Target // I've never had any luck with jeans here, but other people seem to, so maybe I'm just crazy!
Lucky Brand jeans // I mention these only because I see them in Costco all the time for $30-$40 and they look really good on!
Old Navy // This is a last minute add-in... I got khakis from here that I love at least! Their jeans I've liked enough, but are never on sale when I'm at ON! I really need to bite the bullet.

Where do you get your jeans? I'd love to hear!

street style: Brittany S.

For this week's installment of "Street Style", my friend Brittany has been kind enough to lend her fashionista-ness to me for your viewing and reading pleasure! 
Brittany is one of my closest friends and is the epitome of a girl with an amazing body and heart! I'd say she is very bold in her fashion sense and has come such a long way, from nothing but sparkles, to a refined beauty in the time I've known her! 


"Jane of the Concrete Jungle"


"Rebel Child"

Untitled Untitled

"Miss In Charge"

Aren't these looks she's shared fabulous? "Miss In Charge" (she even named these! I'm a proud mama style and writing bear!) reminds me of a print ad and is just so fabulous. It is a culmination of all things Brittany and just shows off her style so much!

If you guys remember, I talked about Brittany in my "Last Minute Halloween Costumes" Post (Which you can find HERE)! The corset in her first two looks is the corset she used for her Catwoman Halloween costume! It just shows how versatile some pieces can be, you know? I think the corset is perfect for her. And guess what? It was even from Charlotte Russe! So a deal and an amazing piece? Win, win situation.

I asked Brittany a few questions about her fashion sense!

What are the three words you'd use to describe your style?
"1: Urban. 2: Bold. 3: Skin-tight. (I know that's two words, but come on, everything I own is form-fitting.)"

Where did you get that fabulous jacket?!
I quote our conversation, exactly. "It's Armani
got it at Macy's, Jessica Simpson line. It makes me feel like a million bucks or some Rap goddess when I wear it
Its made out of lemur
HAHA im so funny
no its faux OF COURSE
Rapper goddess*"

What's the first thing you reach for when you're running late?
"Late? I'm never late. Okay, maybe a little fashionably late. The first thing I reach for is a pair of jeans. Obviously, they're versatile so they can match any top or blouse I choose in a hurry.
However, to avoid this problem I always make sure I have an idea of what I want my outfit to look like the night before."

If you had to shop at the same 3 places for the rest of your life, where would you shop?
"If I had to shop somewhere for the rest of my life i would shop in the Dancing With the Stars costume closet,  Paris Hilton's closet, & Victoria Secret (a little lingerie never killed nobody)"

How has Arizona effected how you dress?
"Living in Arizona has taught me to completely abandon those heavy snow jackets & boots I would have to wear in the winter months in Chicago. And just so it's known, I refuse to ever purchase a pair of Uggs.
West coast style is different from the East coast. And AZ is like the the gate to Hell so he's 10 million degrees hot so tank tops & short shorts are a must to function. I've always dressed preppy. Especially coming from Chicago. so, living in AZ made me learn how to dress more beachy but still preppy."

Thank you, Brittany, for contributing this week! It was great talking to you and exploring your style!

Want to be a part of street style? I'm looking for people to feature and would love to get opinions and looks from people all over! It'd be so cool to have a style look book of features from everywhere from Arizona to North Carolina to Florida to England to Japan... From everywhere!

To be a part of this series, just email me at sincerelydanirose@gmail.com and I'll be more than happy to respond with the criteria! I'd love for you to take part in this!

Also, I linked up for #FundayMonday... You should too!

happy sunday!

This Modcloth dress is one of the best things ever. It's the Silent Film Star dress and I think I've mentioned it about ten thousand times already... I just keep finding new ways to style it and I love that! Modcloth is just fantastic.. I've only had to return a couple of dresses and that's only because I just decided it wasn't my style! Returning is easy too, so I appreciate that.

I decided to keep this post short, as it's Sunday and I am hopefully off to a Dia de los Muertos Festival at the Mesa Arts Center! If any of you are in the Mesa, Arizona area and are looking for something to do today, the festival runs from 12-5 PM and is at the Mesa Arts Center! You can find more information here. I've heard that it's a really amazing event. It's free and great for families, especially because your kids will really learn something about the culture and history surrounding Dia de los Muertos!

Also, don't forget, if you shop at Old Navy and have super cash, it expires on October 30th! I almost forgot and I wouldn't want you guys to do the same! So go get some cute stuff with than almost free money! 

Have a great Sunday everyone!

link roundup!

I love this Gift Wrapping Kit gift idea! Not only is the stuff she used just so cute, but this is an incredibly practical gift, too!

It's so interesting to see different wedding cultures! These are some photos from the Royal Wedding in Indonesia. They're so beautiful!

my left handed cries... The 18 Worst Things For Left-Handed People.

How common your birthday is: I feel so special. December 25 HA!

The history of lipstick is actually kind of interesting!

Dress Codes... Decoded! This makes me long to attend a party!

This DIY ear cuff is gorgeous! Not really an earcuff (so no painful cuff), but definitely gives a beautiful illusion!

This collection of prints of pets with disabilities is so precious. You just need to look at these adorable pets that are just so loved by their owners who wanted to give them the best quality of life they can. So cute! Squee!

I just love how Emily styled this yellow blazer on Cupcakes and Cashmere! I have a yellow blazer that I'm obsessed with, so I'm always looking for fun new ways to style it.

How cute is Maegan's dog Bebop? He is seriously the most precious thing ever. Check out Maegan's blog here!

I need to try these curls! I've never used a hairnet and I imagine that would help an awful lot!

Hope you guys enjoyed this week's link roundup! I know I had lots of fun putting it together! Enjoy your Saturday! I'm off to my last Saturday caroling rehearsal in a couple of hours... It's so hard to believe the season is really that close! Eep!

how to style maroon skinny jeans.

I absolutely love maroon skinny jeans. So much so that I actually have 2 pairs. Sometimes people see colored skinny jeans as unapproachable, but they're so versatile. They really have the ability to pull an outfit together!

look #1
I love this look because it incorporates unexpected color combos. I love the combination of gray and maroon together, too! So warm.

look #2
Any type of skinny jeans with a sweater and riding boots just reads perfection to me. The fact that they're maroon just escalates the look to a whole new level! Then add in a mustard handbag and now we're really talking.

look #3
I love this punk rock look. Would be so fun to wear to a concert or to some artsy thing. I just love when people can pull off this style; it's so classically chic!

Or. You could be me and without realizing it, wear Christmas colors. With camo.

last minute halloween costumes

... With pieces you'll wear all the time!
Halloween is almost here! With all of its dressing up and spooky fun, you don't want to miss out! But whether you're going to work, making dinner, making your own kids' costumes or are just busy with a crap ton of midterms (College kids, I'm looking at you); you can still take part in the festivities: costumed and as cute as can be! You may not have the time or funds to make an extravagant costume work, but you can still pull a costume together to be the belle of the ball! ... Or, you know, the sexy cat woman stealing the belle's attention.

powerpuff girls costumes
If you are trying to find something for yourself and two friends to be, what could be more perfect than the Powerpuff Girls? All you need is a dress in your respective Powerpuff Girl color, a black belt and black flats! With that, you've got the perfect super hero trio costumes!
audrey hepburn costume
Holly Golightly. The perfect last-minute costume idea for a woman wanting to dress up and just be dapper! It's such an easy costume to pull together... Every woman should have a little black dress anyway! The rest of the costume is either a staple (black flats, pearls and sunnies) or something you can get from your local Party City (the long cigarette filter, black gloves and tiara)!
Costume #1 Catwoman
Totally stole this Catwoman costume idea from my friend Brittany... If she weren't in Tuscon right now, I'd share a picture of her in this costume with you because she looks so hot in it! It's going to be such a fun costume for her, too. Honestly, if you've got the body; you can rock this! You may not necessarily have these pieces (Unless you're Karly Kim and can rock leather pants on a daily basis like a BA), but at least if you've got a little bit of time, you can get them and actually have a chance of wearing them again, unlike that grilled suit your boyfriend is urging you to get, so you can have a fight between a taco and a grilled cheese (prison rules, of course). Then again, I really don't know your personal style, so if a grilled cheese suit does fit into your personal style? All the power to you.

Catwoman, the Powerpuff Girls and Holly Golightly are just a couple costumes I came up with! Of course, you could always grab an old prom dress and a tiara and say you're a princess! Between thrifting and shopping your own closet (even your friends' closets), I'm sure you will find a costume that will look amazing, save you money and hopefully save you a little time!

And if you're looking for unique costume inspiration for your kids (or heck, even yourself, because I'd totally love to be Anna Wintour for Halloween), you've really got to check out these Homemade Halloween Fashion Icons! Here's part one, and here's part two! Oh Happy Day! is the cutest website ever so go check it out!
PS-- My future son is so being Bill Cunningham for Halloween. No question.

I'm guest hosting this week on the Funday Monday link up with Molly and Carly! I could not be more excited! That is, unless you guys would all link up with us! I'd love to check out more of your blogs! 

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to all our new friends from IFB.....we are stoked to have you!
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Torrid love.

The amount that I love Torrid is actually kind of ridiculous. Torrid is a plus-size fashion company that instills so much confidence in plus-sized girls. They cater to women's sized 12-28 and offer some amazing pieces. Just by going into Torrid, I've noticed the positive impact on women that it instills. It's amazing to see a woman who has never had a piece of clothing ever fit her well, find something that expresses who she is and allows her to be who she wants to be. It can be hard being a plus-size girl. Shopping, it seems like everything is meant for skinny minnies or matronly women. The plus-size world is growing and I believe Torrid is at the heart of it all. It's amazing to find a piece of hope for confidence and expression for plus-size girls right in the middle of our little mall. 
I actually went shopping at Torrid yesterday (using my Haute Cash; yay!) and wanted to share a few of the amazing pieces I got!

Brocade & Chiffon Babydoll | Torrid

This Brocade & Chiffon Babydoll is seriously gorgeous on. You can't tell in the picture, but the bodice is a lovely brocade fabric that looks so elegant! I am so excited to style this top with colored skinnies, patterned skinnies, plain skinnies, blazers, pencil skirts... The sky is really the limit with this top! 

Fur Trimmed Twill Parka Coat | Torrid

You know, I could probably go on for hours about this Fur Trimmed Twill Parka Coat. So what if it's still 80 outside?! I've got my mind on the colder months and this baby is coming with me. I am fully embracing the military trend this year. I just love how easy it would be to throw this over a simple outfit to make it more stylish! Plus, it looks great both open and zipped up, which I can't say about too many jackets! My favorite things about this jacket are the drawstrings that make it so you can have a defined waist and the fact that the fur is even removable! I mean, how cool is that?


The Skinny Darkwash jeans are my HG of denim. I have 3 pairs of Torrid skinnies now and I just love them so much! The fit is amazing, the washes stay and they just look so great on! I'd definitely recommend Torrid jeans if you're 12+ and have trouble finding jeans that decrease muffin top, keep it all in and are still comfy!

Torrid Denim - Floral Print Super Skinny Stiletto Jeans | Torrid

When I saw these Floral Super Skinny Stiletto Jeans, I died! ...Especially because they were on clearance! I can't wait to style these; I've got so many options! I love pieces that I can throw on with something easy, like a black blouse, and still look pulled together. I think these will definitely be one of those pieces!

Lace Back Sweater Dress | Torrid

Lace Back Sweater Dress | Torrid

And last but certainly not least, this Lace Back Sweater Dress. How gorgeous is this dress?! This color, plus the cut in the front, plus the lace? So perfect! I'm just imagining this dress with black tights and boots. Sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee, watching the leaves fall from the trees outside... Eh, who am I kidding? This is Arizona. But I suppose I could pretend.

Are any of you guys "curvy" gals? If so, where do you like to shop? I'm always looking for new places and would love to hear what you've got to say!

whosits and whatsits galore.

lol jk. no. 
Not right now, anyway. A nice, normal fall would suffice for sure. This week has felt so busy, despite the fact that I really haven't been busy, just busying myself. Caroling rehearsals have kicked into gear! Singing Christmas songs while it's 85 degrees out is a little strange, but I'm getting used to it! I even got assigned my costume yesterday... Yay! 
We're also cleaning up around at home. My room got a beating (and now the dust is all up in the air and murdering my soul) and we're in the process of going through everything in the house so that there's less to move once we put in our new flooring. Boy is it all a pain! Hopefully it'll be worth it in the end.

My room is coming along nicely! I'm doing my best to mix my love of Disney and style: so far I'm loving it. I seriously haven't gone through some of the stuff in my room for ages... I found my portable disc player at arm's length if that tells you anything.

Wall Collage



Of course, some of that "overwhelming business" was due to me putting my pup's fashion as a priority on my list... But how cute does he look?!

And maybe a little of that time was spent playing Pokemon X... Just maybe.

A little shopping might have been involved, too. Seriously guys... Second Friday in Downtown Mesa is awesome. Especially when you find a booth as cool as The Robot Princess where you can get, like, seven different types of dinosaur earrings. For reallies.
2nd Friday Finds

And maybe a new piercing? I found out this weekend that I am not as much as a fraidy cat as I once was. And thanks to that, I now sport a cute little jewel in my right ear! Holla!
Double piercing

And sometimes, you've just got to make time for a hot dog with a goodhearted, Chicagoan friend who makes your life by taking you to the best place ever (Portillo's, duh!) before you suck it up and get your ears pierced. Thank you Brittany! <3

Oh and happy, day late, totally posted Tuesday, ya'll! Go link up!

Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market is coming to WestWorld on November 9th!

So I have an insane obsession with vintage. Especially vintage furniture. On November 9th Junk in the Trunk is hosting a market with a ton of amazing finds at Westworld in Arizona!

You can find more information about the market here!
Junk in the Trunk is even doing a giveaway right now for 4 special VIP tickets! In their words "...And I do mean special, like only four VIP tickets are being made. You and three guests will get to enter the market 30 min early, and be the only shoppers!!!!!! Talk about a good shopping advantage. Plus you will get a nice meet and greet with the Junk in the Trunk ladies, and some pretty AWESOME swag. A T shirt for all four of you and some new never before seen retail items that I am oh so excited about! Trust me you will want it all."

Now if that doesn't sound amazing... I don't know what does!

I've gotten some really cool pieces junking before! Carts, tables, glass... Everything! It's so addicting. If you've never gone to one of these events before, you simply must go! Plus, with the holiday season just around the corner (trust me, it really is just around the corner), so is gift-giving season! I'm always looking for quirky gifts for friends and family and this is the perfect place to start.

This is a picture from their November 2012 market that I found on their website for an example of how awesome the goods they find are! Aren't some of these pieces to die for? I'm a total hoarder collector of vintage things and these pieces are all screaming my name!

So, what are you waiting for? Mark November 9th in your calendar as busy and get ready to get your butt in gear for this awesome upcoming vintage market!

fashionista on a budget: fall handbags.

I decided to start a series on my blog called "fashionista on a budget" because I realize how challenging it can be to find cute/quality things at a low price. I don't really buy "expensive" things, unless they're a classic investment piece, then I justify splurging a little. I figured since I'm so gung-ho on saving when I can, especially on trendy pieces, that I might as well share some of the places I shop at and what I look at regarding different trends! Sound good everyone? Yes? Then let's get this show on the road!

fall handbags.

I don't know about you, but I like to have a go-to handbag for each season. With how much I tote around I usually end up wearing it out a bit, so I don't like to spend a ton. With handbags, I like to stay under $50. I can justify $50+ if it's for something neutral like a gray, a brown leather or black: this would count as an investment piece, but not for something trendy. 
Some of my fall handbag picks may be a bit of a splurge, but when they can crossover seasons, you can just take it into the next season and not have to worry about purchasing another handbag! 

I love how casual this bag is to just throw on and do anything with. I feel like it'd be especially great going to class, because it could fit a tablet and a small notebook along with your basics at least! The style is slouchy and oh-so fall... I'm kind of in love.

I cannot get enough of these Target bags! Especially this one... The colors and style are so bohemian! I like that it's versatile enough for fall, but still such a unique piece!

Yes, this is a splurge and yes, it is worth it. Better Life Bags are handmade with utmost quality from what I've heard and I'd love to own one. They're customized from fabric to leather to pockets and more! And they've got so many styles. You could choose a bag that works for all the seasons... They're just too perfect! My personal favorite is the Molly, but there are so many other options that I'm sure you'll find one that you love most!

When I lived in New York for a semester, I'd go into the city with either a baby bag or a huge hobo to carry groceries back in (because no white girl who is by herself wants to tote a ton of groceries on the subway and the Staten Island ferry), and this? This would have been the perfect baby bag for when I'd go into the city for fun rather than a grocery trip. The emerald color is so on trend and the size would definitely fit more than my cellphone. So great!


So! Those are my picks! You know, other than my two go-to Phillip Lim for Target bags, which I decided not to feature because I didn't want to make it too hard on ya'll who couldn't get one! :(

Do you have a holy grail store for bags? Or do you kind of just wing it?
Splurge or save?
I wanna hear from you guys!

my day in instagrams.

So to be honest, I didn't find the time to write a post last night and this morning I've really got to get some things together for school, but I feel like I still owe you guys and myself a post today! So... I bring you "Yesterday in Instagram Posts"! A bunch of silly pictures I took yesterday... Whee!

I know, you can say it. I am incredibly attractive and you just want to date me. 
Well, this is what happens when I put velcro rollers in my hair for volume and just get bored.
On the plus side, look how fabulous my pajamas are!

I did get dressed... I really did! And drank a coconut water with pineapple because it's basically the best thing ever. By the way, this is essentially the look that I coined as my favorite outfit in a previous post... Can't you see why?!

You know it's going to be a great day when you match the place you're going to breakfast. I tell ya. I love yellow.

So this Benedict florentine was amazing... But the potatoes were even more amazing. I love potatoes. Despite the fact I'm allergic to them... It's so worth it.

Oh and last one, I promise! I got my new glasses! I am so excited. They are dorky and perfect and ahh. Me gusta.
Also, this picture made me realize I really need to stop taking crappy iPhone pictures and actually use my DSLR. *doh*

my favorite outfit, totally posted tuesday, and five questions; answered!

So this is totally my favorite outfit. From the phillip lim bag to this awesome woven top from Target, this look is effortlessly fun... And so perfect for fall!

favorite outfit

Five Questions!
1. If all your clothes were burned in a fire,what 5 pieces would you buy to start a new wardrobe?

1. A good slouchy sweater... I can't live without this baby.
2. A plain black tee! I practically live in these things.
3. A perfect slouchy leather bag.
4. An amazing pair of jeans.
5. A formal dress that I'm not afraid to wear grocery shopping because, this EMERALD. Dude.

2. What is one beauty item you can’t live without?
Moisturizer! I can't handle dry skin.

3. What is your favorite thing in your wardrobe?
This knit top! It's from Target, goes with everything from a pencil skirt to jeans and is just flat out, amazing.

4. If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why?
I think I'd want to be a sloth. Then I could just hang out all day.

5. Who is your style icon?
I love street style! I'm inspired by so many people.

Love the idea of the community of Totally Posted Tuesday... Go check it out!
Glossy Blonde

linkety link links and my life in instagram.

Seriously. The BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. Try it! The 36 hours really makes a difference and the sea salt on top is so yummy!

Interesting article talking about plus size vs curvy vs full-figured... Short, but kind of interesting I suppose.

my life in instagram.

My excitement over this bag was kind of awkward and shows my shopaholic tendencies... whoops.

Auditioned for the World of Color Honor Choir! Eric Whitacre arranged a piece for World of Color called "Glow" and you could send in a video of you singing your part to possibly be part of the virtual choir! I'm really hoping I made it... It'd be so amazing to be even a small part of World of Color!

My glasses are so huge. I got them a while ago because I thought they were cute, but they're truly not very functional.

... Hence the new ones! Functional and stylish? I am so in. 

My first Disney Movie Club movies are here! I'm so excited. Watching Princess Diaries as I write!

You know those chocolate chip cookies I was talking about? This is them! So delish, man!

My dog and I decided to be twinners the other day... Super classy.

It's terrible how tempted I was to get this couch.
Instead I opted for a grey microfiber beauty... I hope I made the right choice. ;)

Shopping at ReStore by Habitat For Humanity with my mom the other day!