linkety link links and my life in instagram.

Seriously. The BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. Try it! The 36 hours really makes a difference and the sea salt on top is so yummy!

Interesting article talking about plus size vs curvy vs full-figured... Short, but kind of interesting I suppose.

my life in instagram.

My excitement over this bag was kind of awkward and shows my shopaholic tendencies... whoops.

Auditioned for the World of Color Honor Choir! Eric Whitacre arranged a piece for World of Color called "Glow" and you could send in a video of you singing your part to possibly be part of the virtual choir! I'm really hoping I made it... It'd be so amazing to be even a small part of World of Color!

My glasses are so huge. I got them a while ago because I thought they were cute, but they're truly not very functional.

... Hence the new ones! Functional and stylish? I am so in. 

My first Disney Movie Club movies are here! I'm so excited. Watching Princess Diaries as I write!

You know those chocolate chip cookies I was talking about? This is them! So delish, man!

My dog and I decided to be twinners the other day... Super classy.

It's terrible how tempted I was to get this couch.
Instead I opted for a grey microfiber beauty... I hope I made the right choice. ;)

Shopping at ReStore by Habitat For Humanity with my mom the other day! 

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