my day in instagrams.

So to be honest, I didn't find the time to write a post last night and this morning I've really got to get some things together for school, but I feel like I still owe you guys and myself a post today! So... I bring you "Yesterday in Instagram Posts"! A bunch of silly pictures I took yesterday... Whee!

I know, you can say it. I am incredibly attractive and you just want to date me. 
Well, this is what happens when I put velcro rollers in my hair for volume and just get bored.
On the plus side, look how fabulous my pajamas are!

I did get dressed... I really did! And drank a coconut water with pineapple because it's basically the best thing ever. By the way, this is essentially the look that I coined as my favorite outfit in a previous post... Can't you see why?!

You know it's going to be a great day when you match the place you're going to breakfast. I tell ya. I love yellow.

So this Benedict florentine was amazing... But the potatoes were even more amazing. I love potatoes. Despite the fact I'm allergic to them... It's so worth it.

Oh and last one, I promise! I got my new glasses! I am so excited. They are dorky and perfect and ahh. Me gusta.
Also, this picture made me realize I really need to stop taking crappy iPhone pictures and actually use my DSLR. *doh*

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