on this day of thanks...

Happy Thanksgiving guys and gals! I hope you're all getting to spend it with your friends and families! 
I'm lucky enough to get to spend most of the day with my loved ones, but will be heading to work starting at midnight and pretty much going until 9 PM the next day... Prayers that I get through the 24 hours would be greatly appreciated! I'm trying to get a Keurig this black Friday too, so hopefully that'll be the light at the end of the long work day tunnel.
I can't wait to chow down on my gluten-free pumpkin pie later. YUM!

Five Things I'm Thankful For
1. Having a house, food and a safe environment.
2. Being able to go to college.
3. Having people who care about me.
4. Being blessed with choices for the future.
5. Creativity.

What are you thankful for on this day of thanks?

frozen is out in theatres!

So if you know me or even follow me on instagram, you'll have noticed I'm obsessed with this movie Frozen. Yes, I was obsessed with a movie before it even came out, but once you see it, you will see why! 
This is the synopsis Fandango gives to describe the movie:
"After the kingdom of Arendelle is cast into eternal winter by the powerful Snow Queen Elsa (voice of Idina Menzel), her sprightly sister Anna (Kristen Bell) teams up with a rough-hewn mountaineer named Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and his trusty reindeer Sven to break the icy spell. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee co-directed this Walt Disney Animation Studios production based on Hans Christian Andersen's beloved fairy tale The Snow Queen."

And it is so much more. It had me crying, laughing and smiling my head off all at the same time. In fact, I am so crazily in love with this movie that the night it came out, I learned and recorded Anna's song "For the First Time in Forever", which is seriously the cutest song ever. 
Whether you have kids or not, you really need to go see this movie. It's been called this generation's Beauty and the Beast, among other distinguished titles.

I decided I'd suck it up and show you guys my fun little recording... So here it is!
{And happy hump day!}

relatable ads in; sexualized ads out.

Relatable Ads in; Sexualized Ads out.

I wrote this ad analysis and thought I'd share it with you guys because I figured some of you may find it to be interesting!

The first thought that comes to mind when thinking about meal replacement drinks probably isn’t the subliminal messages behind the ads that sell the drinks. Meal replacement drinks aren’t necessarily seen as fashionable or sexually, but ads for these products can appeal to these desires, despite their relativity to the product. The ads for Evolve and Slimfast both try to appeal to a real woman’s desires. Slimfast’s sole use of sex for response is not as effective as Evolve’s use of many clever components to appeal to the modern woman. 

Both ads target women reading Allure magazine, where the ads were found. Allure magazine, “The Beauty Expert,” has a target audience of women who are interested in beauty, health and aesthetics (Allure). This makes the publication a perfect place for advertisements about meal-replacement drinks. Within that audience, however, these two ads appeal to different needs of a woman. The Slimfast ad uses a strong sexual appeal and the tagline “Get what you really want,” while the Evolve ad caters to a woman on the go. Yes, most women have sexual desires, but to try and use just that appeal to get the point across, especially in regards to buying a meal-replacement drink, won’t always work out well. Magazine audience-wise, appealing to “a woman on the go” who “[thinks] about doing yoga,” “can text at full sprint if necessary,” has “Toned calves from running (errands mostly),” “tokyo drifted into executive parking space” and is “juggling career, friends & 3 online dating profiles” has much more of an effect. It’s a drink “for happy healthy busy bodies,” which is something a lot of Allure readers are looking for. 

The Evolve ad, with its animated model, a woman in very fashionable clothing, also appeals to a very fashionable audience: a woman who wants to be polished, even though she’s on the go. She’s got it together, but just doesn’t have time to always eat well, which is a typical situation in the life of a career woman. These points make the Evolve ad incredibly effective, as many women can relate to what’s said.  The Slimfast ad is directed towards a woman who has sex, as well as losing weight on the mind. “[Getting] into [her new] pants” is what she says her push for using Slimfast is, but in her mind, her goal is to “get into someone else’s pants.” Being solely sexual, this ad is directed towards a single woman who doesn’t feel comfortable in her own skin, who wants to be more confident and feel sexy.

The Evolve ad is effective especially in its use of visuals. From the text to the animated style of the model, the advertisement stands out and feels personal, unlike some other advertisements or spreads found in Allure magazine. The text, handwritten, gives the advertisement a feel of personal guidance. It looks almost as if a friend jotted down everything they deal with and that Evolve is one less thing for them to worry about. The whole page is reminiscent of something someone might doodle. The model, a casual drawing of a woman, is the epitome of the audience they are trying to reach. Little tidbits are written, pointed at the model, explaining the model’s life and how busy she is. She may be busy, but she still stays healthy thanks to Evolve.

It is important to be relatable in advertising and these tidbits do just that. They create something for a woman to directly relate to and create the illusion that the woman pictured is indeed real. Evolve doesn’t rely on cheap double meanings; they target a strong, career-oriented woman who is constantly moving. None of the remarks surrounding the woman are sexual. They are all parts of a strong, busy and independent woman. Evolve is a company by women for women. It’s geared towards women who really have the best intentions of being healthy, but just don’t have the time. Their entire ad campaign is geared towards busy women, from “bridezillas” to “a mom on the go” (Frey). Not one of their advertisements uses sexual connotations to prove its point; it only needs to relate to busy women to prove extremely effective. Since its launch in January of 2013, its Facebook page has already acquired nearly 13,000 likes, thanks to its great ad campaign. Relating to people is their number one goal, which has proved to be incredibly effective, as they’ve grown rapidly as a company, even trumping Slimfast as customers have said in comments on Evolve’s Facebook page.

The Slimfast ad, using sex as the sole appeal, really doesn’t have much going for it. The ad uses various shades of red, which is a color often paralleled with sex and lust. There is a women’s silhouette with a chat bubble coming out of her mouth saying, “I want to get into my new pants,” while the thought bubble coming out of her head says “I want to get into someone else’s pants.” At the bottom there is a Slimfast bottle and the slogan, “get what you really want,” along with the Slimfast logo. The use of text is somewhat playfully effective, with the opposites of the bold, straight text versus the fun and flirty cursive used for “someone else’s,” but everything else is severely lacking. The goal of Slimfast is to provide a nutritious drink that helps women lose weight. They are saying that if you drink Slimfast that you’ll “get what you really want,” which is sex. Most women have a primal inclination towards sex, but sex cannot be used alone anymore, when everything out there seems to have sexual undertones. In a study where viewers were shown both sexual and non-sexual commercials, it was found that “females remembered non-sexual advertisements better,” supporting that an advertisement focussed solely on sex, such as the Slimfast advertisement, wouldn’t be as effective as another type of ad (Parker, Furnham).  In fact, “a recent University of Wisconsin study shows that audiences view ads 10% less favorably if they use sex to sell un-sexy products. This study agrees with the data David Ogilvy accumulated over his long and storied career in advertising... Advertising Professor Jef I. Richards from the University of Texas says, “‘Sex sells, but only if you're selling sex’” (qtd. in Kalb).

The ad is actually very demeaning in the way that it’s trying to relate to its audience. There is a silhouette of a  girl who doesn’t look like she’d necessarily have any problem “[getting] into someone else’s pants”; yet her motivation for using slim fast to lose weight so she can do just that. However, I don’t see that being a big problem unless this girl is extremely disproportional. Having this sexy and average portrayal of a girl who thinks the only thing she needs to do to have sex and maybe even make a guy like her, is lose weight is demeaning towards women. This advertisements sends the idea out to women  that weight is all that matters. They could have played towards a woman’s desire to be healthy or lose weight for herself and her confidence, but instead they claim that to “get into someone else’s pants,” you just need to drink Slimfast because it will make you slim, fast. The ad is saying that women don’t say what they think and that their intentions are always sexually based. 

Although both ads feature a similar product, their ways of reaching to their audience differ and are different, effectively. Evolve’s effective ad campaign with its connection of understanding with women on the go beats Slimfast’s sexual focus by far. It isn’t only sex that women “really want.”

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how to style: military glam

I love the look of military jackets, whether camouflage or hunter green; they really finish off a look. Military looks, including camouflage, are so on point this season, whether worn as a top or bottom; you've really got to try it out!

Nina from After the 40 Bar Finish styled her military jacket so beautifully. I've been a fan of her blog and style for some time now and this look just shows you how great she is! I love the combination of femininity in the pencil skirt with the rougher camouflage jacket. I also love her pink lip color and use of blue and gold to accent everything! So so cute. I will definitely have to try this combo out!

I absolutely love how Erica from Casually Styled styled her military camouflage pants! It makes the camo a neutral, which I really like! The cream colored sweater draws attention upwards! I love it.

I love how Crystalin Marie styled her camo pants! she added a denim jacket and because of its just fitted, not too loose, shape, it didn't look too 80's or Duck Dynasty. I'll definitely have to mix these two together! The wash combo is just perfect.

my gluten-free journey.

When I was told what I was allergic to, I was shocked. Tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, apples, ragweed, Arizona (but really) and wheat. WHEAT? I'm Italian. That just doesn't make sense.

I had been tested for allergens because my eyes were red, my nose was stuffy and I simply wasn't getting better. Not only that, but I was having a heck of a time losing weight and even performing daily functions due to fatigue. The fatigue I'd always attributed to my b-12 deficiency, which while I'm sure is part of the reason, is really because of the grand scheme of my life style. Something I had never really noticed before, but looking back realized happened a lot, is my throat seizing up on random occasion. And nausea. Both things I attributed to other issues. It was not my allergies that I was thinking of. Now that I've been tested for allergies and know what I'm allergic to, I find that when I avoid these products I feel 100 times better, which is an amazing thing. I've also noticed my reaction to wheat is getting worse, which just made me realize that I need to buckle down and cut things out.

So here we are!

Now, I'm mainly focusing on cutting out gluten completely, while limiting my consumption of the other products, as my reactions to those are definitely never as bad. But I'd really like to be able to track my journey, share my information and progress and also hear any tips that you've got to offer! I'm trying to apply various methods to find something that works for me and can't wait to find something that is truly solid!

Week 0

Feeling: Blah, nauseous, keep having reactions that limit my singing, un-motivated, thirsty, sick, fatigued.

Noticing: More reactions when I eat wheat (throat seizing, endless coughing), red swollen eyes, nasal congestion, itchy red skin like nobodies business.

Cheats: Ate half of my dad's pumpkin spice donut from Krispy Kreme because I just had to try it.

Challenges: Planning out meals ahead of time so I don't have to make something up last minute that isn't well balanced.

Feats: Cleaned out the pantry and marked everything that is gluten-free with a neon orange sticker.

Happy Moment: If you are looking for gluten-free items, go to Trader Joe's! I went to Fry's last night and had the hardest time finding items. Not only that, but they were so expensive! I had a cart full of stuff (dairy, fruits and vegetables mostly) by checkout and not one lane was open, so I had to do self-checkout with 10 yogurts and 10 Snapples... That was not fun! At Trader Joe's, everyone was so helpful in giving me tips about going GF (gluten free). They had a packet of what in the store was GF and a woman even went around with me to show me what her favorite items were. The girl at the checkout had baking tips for me, including that Pinterest is great for recipes, which is so true! I love Trader Joe's!

Favorite Place to Shop for GF Items: Trader Joe's!

Goal: To eat at home as much as possible this week and to start a GF Pinterest Board.

Eating Out: I found out that Red Robin has an amazing GF bun! Chipotle is also pretty wary of allergies. They changed their gloves, washed their hands and used new serving spoons to make sure there was no contamination (the tortillas are the only non-gluten free items). I really appreciated it!

Favorite Item: I can eat yogurt! That alone makes me so happy. I haven't had yogurt as a staple for a long time and I can honestly say I'm glad it's back in my life! And these freaking Trader Joe's gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are to die for!

2nd Friday: Steampunk Street VI

This Friday, November 8th! 

6-10 PM

There is a great even here in Downtown Mesa, Arizona called "Second Fridays" where artists (some from Mesa, some from other places in the valley) get together to set up booths for jewelry, art and more! There's always live music and liveliness at these events, so if you're looking for something to do on your Friday night; I'd suggest going to this event! It's free, but you can purchase food, art, jewelry, comics... There is so much awesome stuff!

There is even a Steampunk costume contest this Friday. It's at 8 PM and you meet on the patio of the OneOhOne Gallery at 101 W. Main. You won't miss it, because there'll be a crowd of people in crazy costumes! It's a spectacle to watch for sure, even if you're not participating.

This is kind of a shameless plug for both my town and my mom's business: RJoaz Gallery! She crafts jewelry made from the natural items, such as stones and feathers, found in Alaska and Arizona! She also crochets some super cute gloves that I'm buying about 10 pairs of this season. 

These gorgeous gloves are so cute and warm!

This is probably one of my favorite necklaces that she's ever crafted. It's sort of a Mickey-Steampunk combo!

New earrings that I am in love with.

"Meticulously Hand-crafted by myself using Alaskan Willow Grouse Feathers and Arizona Turquoise along with previously unused Vintage Brass Components salvaged from a former East Coast jewelry designer's collection."

These ombre gloves are definitely a favorite of mine! When you're wearing a coat, you can cover up the pink if it's too girly, but you know it's always there, which is just so fun!

If you're interested and don't live in the area, she has an Etsy! R. Joaz Gallery!

You can also like R. Joaz on Facebook for sneak peaks of what's coming! She even runs contests!

But as for my Arizonians, we better see you out at Second Friday! There'll be a special discount for those of you who mention my blog, so make sure to stop by! After all, jewelry is never a bad idea and Christmas is right around the corner!

october picks // november predictions.

From my obsession with scarves to new finds, there's always things that re-appear from week to week in different various months! Have you ever noticed that you're wearing the same pieces over and over again? It's great to take a consensus of the month and make something out of it, be it expanding on something you're into already, or being sure to switch things up from month to month! I know I'm guilty of wearing the same thing over again and that's something I want to work on!

october picks
1. Black dressy shirt.
Okay, this shirt isn't super dressy, but it at least looks a lot better than just a t-shirt! It's so versatile and that's what I love about it, even though I keep just wearing it with jeans... I think I need to be adventurous and branch out more!

2. Nude circle scarf.
Well, scarves in general. I have an obsession. A t-shirt with a scarf? The usual when I need to jump out of bed and get to school. I really need to find a more creative way to work scarves.

3. Bold brows.
I seriously love the bold eyebrow trend that's still happening. Eyebrows show so much personality and emotion! Having naturally light brows doesn't do much for me, so this Anastasia Brow Gel is a savior in a tube.

4. Yellow Phillip Lim for Target purse.
I will forever be obsessed with this purse and you can't stop me.

5. Leather riding boots.
I think it's okay that I wear these almost religiously. They make an outfit polished in an instant and every wear makes my cost per wear smaller and smaller... This splurge was so worth it!

november predictions
1. Chambray shirt.
I think I'm going to be utilizing chambray shirts a lot in November. Just today, I wore one under a sweatshirt and it was so cute! My goal is to find out how to make the shirt as versatile as possible.

2. Army jacket.
As it gets cooler and cooler outside, my hopes are getting higher and higher that I get to wear this jacket soon! It is so comfy and stylish; I definitely can't resist it!

3. Patterned jeans.
I'm determined to wear more patterned and colored jeans this November, instead of wearing the same old dark-wash denim everyday! That way, too, I can have the excuse of just wearing a tee and a scarf!

4. Dark lips.
Especially a wine color. I want to find colors that work for me and have the staying power to get through a day of singing, work and school! Any suggestions?

5. Leather riding boots.
Like I said, I feel no guilt for frequenting these boots!

We'll see in a month how true these predictions are! Until then, what are your picks? Have we got anything in common? Let's talk about it below! 

Also, happy totally posted Tuesday... Even if it is Wednesday now. ;)
Glossy Blonde


Reading: Adulting. And my textbooks. Well, I should be reading my textbooks anyway. I'm really enjoying Adulting, though. I have this strange obsession with self-help and life guidance books. I find what other people think and how they organize their lives to be so interesting. That's part of the reason I find blogs so intriguing as well. Adulting has a ton of tips for, well, becoming an adult, which is actually helpful as I'm moving through life as clueless as ever. Guidance in the form of text is just lovely.

Doing: Regretting staying up late, but doing it anyway. I know that I really need to get myself on a schedule. I'm also trying to organize my life, both physically and on-paper. I'm planning on moving out early January and really want to have everything together by then. My plan is to be completely organized when I move so I can start on a fresh, clean slate.

Feeling Thankful: I'm feeling thankful for being in school, having too much to do that I can't sleep and having the ability to write no mater what. I'm realizing how grateful I am for the smaller things that I've always taken for granted and it's really making a difference.

Watching: Currently? Good Luck Charlie. This show is just too darn cute. The past couple of weeks I've been watching a lot of Dexter, re-watching Gossip Girl, loving this season of Once Upon a Time and realizing that Castle has to be one of my favorite shows, ever.

Working on: Like I said, organizing my life. I'm realizing that I write a ton of lists. I think I need to take that and make it productive. I really just need to make everything about my life more productive. In true teenage fashion, I'm trying to find myself. Finding a daily makeup look, doing my hair differently everyday, getting dressed everyday. I know that these things make me feel one hundred times better, so I've just got to commit to it.

Loving: working towards a bright future. the fact that Christmas is coming. natural lighting and the inspiration that comes from it. puppies who jump all over you. cuddly sweaters.

Feel free to do your own "currently" post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out! And thanks to Danielle from Something Sweet for inviting us to join in on the "currently" posts and her friend Megan for providing the original inspiration for these posts. Go check out their blogs!

local review: slices pizza in tempe

Slices Pizza

Downtown Tempe
11 E. Sixth Street
Tempe, AZ 85251
Hours: Sun-Wed 11am - 10pm
Thurs - Sat 11am - 3am


This little pizza place is on a side street of the popular college hang out "Mill Avenue." It's a pretty small place with a couple high tops and two counters and gets pretty busy during high time (dinner-time and the weekend). There are a couple tables outside too, but in the summer, it's a little hard to bear. 

They've got everything from cheese to Hawaiian to veggie to BBQ chicken! Every slice I've had hasn't disappointed. For drinks, they have a soda fountain and also sell bottled sodas like Jones Soda.

At $3.25 for a specialty slice and about $1.75 for a large drink (or the combo of the day, a certain slice + a drink for $4: today is was Hawaiian!), it's a pretty good place to go on a budget. After all, it's a popular college hangout and we college kids can't exactly afford the ritz.

For kids:
As the slices are pretty huge, two kids could probably split one! It's a family-friendly environment, excluding the fact that there aren't a lot of seats, so a large family couldn't sit together. Also, there are no chairs inside, they're all stools with no backs which are for high tops, so it could be hard to get the kiddos up and to stay up.

If you need a quick lunch, this is the place to hit up! It's a great option for a slice and a drink. Especially if you wanna get some shopping done on Mill, it's central to all the action. Another plus is it's open late so it's perfect for those midnight cravings!

Other locations:
Desert Ridge Marketplace
21001 N. Tatum Blvd
Phoenix, AZ

Hours: Fri - Sat 11am-11pm
Mon - Thurs 11am-10pm
Sun 11-8pm

Tempe Marketplace
2000 E Rio Salado Pkwy 
Tempe, AZ

Hours: Fri - Sat 11am-11pm
Mon - Thurs 11am-10pm
Sun 11-8pm

street style: Ashley N.

For this week's installment of "Street Style", my friend Ashley has been kind enough to lend her fashionista-ness to me for your viewing and reading pleasure! 
I know Ashley from high school, where we were in choir together! She is so incredibly bubbly and awesome! She's going to BYU Provo right now, so this is her fall Utah style!

I love Ashley's use of summer/spring pieces transcending into fall! It's awesome how boots and a cardigan can really change an entire look! And how cute are her poses?! Being stuck in Arizona, I'm so jealous of the fall weather Utah got before us! I mean, it was snowing yesterday for goodness sake! 

I asked Ashley a few questions about her style!

What are three words you'd use to describe your style?
"Girly, cutesy and twee."

What's your favorite season for fashion? Why?
"Spring, definitely! I love pastels and lace and short skirts."

Who is your photographer?
"My photographer is my fabulous roommate, Kinsey."

If you had to shop at 3 places for the rest of your life, where would you?
"I could probably survive forever shopping at Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Target."

How does living in Utah effect your style? 
"Utah (especially Provo, where I live) is notorious for having lots of really pretty girls. All of us kind of lean towards the same sense of style, which is, as I would call it, 'pinterest-y.' It's very matchy-matchy, and denim shirts and sweaters with statement necklaces are really big here, especially when it starts to get colder. It's hard to stand out in such a crowd of cute girls! I try to add at least one interesting piece to every outfit to distinguish myself."

Favorite piece in your closet?
"Right now my favorite piece is my oversized blue sweater (I'm wearing it in a couple of the pictures). It's super comfy and warm, which is great for how chilly it's getting, and it goes with just about anything I wear. It's good for dressing down a skirt, or wearing with patterned leggings for a more indie-ish vibe. Plus it's blue, which is a big color this fall!"

Thank you, Ashley, for contributing this week! It was great talking to you and exploring your style! Hope everything keeps going great at BYU! 

Want to be a part of street style? I'm looking for people to feature and would love to get opinions and looks from people all over! It'd be so cool to have a style look book of features from everywhere from Arizona to North Carolina to Florida to England to Japan... From everywhere!

To be a part of this series, just email me at sincerelydanirose@gmail.com and I'll be more than happy to respond with the criteria! I'd love for you to take part in this!

Find out what Funday Monday is all about here!

being sick.

So I've been pretty sick this week. It's been incredibly lame! I keep having the worst allergic reactions to everything I'm eating. Peanuts, potatoes, wheat... It's not very fun.

I've been pretty what with my new job at Build-A-Bear and school, so I haven't even been able to post. :( 

But I do want to say one thing. If you're looking for a show and haven't watched Gossip Girl? Just do it. There will be no regrets.