happy sunday!

Happy Sunday, y'all! Hope your weekend was enjoyable and not too crazy! The season of craziness-- I mean, joy, peace and family-- is upon us and we really need to keep in mind what's important this holiday season rather than sweating the small stuff!
In fact, it'll be New Years before we know it. 2013 gone, 2014 here... Can you believe it? I certainly cannot. I know 2014 is going to be a great year, though; I'm so excited!

I'm headed to the Phoenix Zoo for Zoolights tonight after work, so I'm really excited! Apparently there is some "Wizard of Oz" theme that is going on, which will be really fun! Plus, the weather outside is fantastically cold, which always makes for a fun night! 

On Friday night I got to attend Crafeteria, hosted by Frances Vintage in Phoenix, with my mom and we had a great time! Yes, it was incredibly cold and some people were going crazy because of it, but it was such a fun night! If you check out my Instagram (@sincerelydanirose), you can get a sneak peek of some of what I saw and even got! There were some amazing vendors there that you've absolutely got to check out! I can't wait to write all about it!

Posts may be a little sparse in the next week (or plentiful due to procrastination) because it'll be finals week! But, if I survive I will be back and able to focus on my true passion a little more until school starts back up again. I'm really excited to at least get a break from finals when I go to Emma Magazine's Handmade Holiday on Tuesday! 

In closing, I wish you guys a great Sunday, and also, a great week! 

styling my modcloth stylish surprises!

So I bit when Modcloth had their stylish surprises released for a mobile sale! $15 for a mystery clothing item, $15 for shoes and $5 for an accessory? I'm hooked!
styling chinese laundry shoes
I love these Chinese Laundry flats that I got! They're not very comfortable, which is a downside, but I'm hoping I can break them in! They're super cute and vintage-y looking, so I love them! Fingers-crossed for these shoes to work out!

gold clutch
The other accessory I got was a crazy gold clutch that I'm so excited to break out for New Years! I love the statement it makes and how perfect this clutch will be for the holiday season!

styling my new modcloth scarf
So, the scarf I received doesn't look exactly like this, it's actually a sort of tube/circle scarf that can be used as a scarf/hood at the same time as well! It's adorable and so European that I just can't get over it. I'd love to be able to wear this outfit, but it's simply just not cold enough yet! Fingers crossed that we get some freak snow storm or something!

styling my new "A Toast to Julie Dress"
This is probably my favorite dress. I mean, how perfect is a toaster dress for me?! Especially with it being yellow and having polka dots and pockets? We're a match made in heaven I tell ya.

Have you guys ever gotten a stylish surprise from ModCloth? 

november picks // december predictions.

Looking at my November predictions (which you can see here!) I at least stuck to two of the things I thought would be most popular for myself this November! The riding boots I have been wearing non-stop and the army jacket is finding itself into my everyday wear quite well! The dark lips I anticipated to be popular weren't so popular because I still can't find that perfect, creamy color! I need suggestions! The chambray shirt made it into one or two outfits is all. Same with the patterned pants! But hey, at least I've got them in mind for the future!
november picks
1. They're Real! mascara by Benefit.
I love this mascara! It makes my lashes look great and doesn't come off during the day, but is still easy to get off with my makeup remover.

This bag is my go-to right and has been for most of November! The material is easy to wipe clean, the pattern and fabric inside are fantastic and the bag itself holds the perfect amount of things I need for an average day!

3. Brown leather riding boots.
I love my knee-high riding boots! They go with everything and are so darn comfy! I actually just got another pair on sale at JC Penney on black Friday... And no regrets!

4. Neutral top from Old Navy.
I got a top from Old Navy that is actually a little browner than this one, but it's the same style and oh-so cute! Not to mention comfy! And it was only $6, so how can you resist that?!

5. Military jacket from Torrid.
Like I said, this jacket is my life. So comfy, so warm and so casual!

december predictions
1. Maroon sweatshirt from H&M.
I love this comfy sweatshirt. It can be dressed up pretty easily too! It was less than $20 and has already gotten its money's worth. It's fantastic!

2. Nude circle scarf.
Still loving this scarf. Still loving neutrals. It's fantastic to be finding a wardrobe niche!

3. Tights!
I hope I get to incorporate more tights into my wardrobe this season! My dresses need to get out a little more and tights will be the perfect way to winterize those summer dresses!

4. Black jeans.
I have a feeling I'm going to be wearing out these black jeans this month! Loving them with colors and other neutrals alike.

5. Short black boots.
I don't know how to describe these exactly, but I think perfection may suffice! Love them with tights, leggings, jeans... All of em! It gives my wardrobe a little ground and rebel attitude!

6. Reindeer ears.
Because why not? And working at Build-a-Bear, I'm basically a child anyhow.

Glossy Blonde

apartment inspiration take one!

I apologize for the lack of posts! Tis the season to be busy, fa la la la la la la la la. Being a Dickens Caroler, student and a Bear Build at Build-a-Bear is tough work, I tell ya! I hope everyone's Thanksgiving weekend was beautiful and that no one got trampled on Black Friday! All kidding aside, Black Friday was just way too crazy. I am so shopped out.
Having a blank canvas of a space to play with is quite possibly my favorite thing ever.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll see that I've got an "apartment inspiration" board going! I'm having so much fun with it, too! I'm moving in about a month, so the excitement is only growing! 
apartment inspiration
I love the rustic feel mixed with the pops of aquamarine/sage. My coffee table is actually an old table, painted with chalk paint and I love it! I have a floral green/pink/cream sheet set to go with the comforter. I love how I'm able to take both vintage and modern elements and combine them together and have that theme go throughout the rooms. I'm totally putting some gold touches as well, because it is the perfect accent color! When I do my above-the-couch collage, there has to be a gold mirror. I'm just in love with what I've got going on and I can't wait to show you all the finished project!