Fitness Band Craze

Fitness Bands
{Jawbone UP24 $149.99}
{Fitbit Flex $99.95}
For the past couple weeks I’ve been researching different fitness bands to decide what would work for me. My main concerns were tracking my sleep, having a silent alarm, tracking not just walking but other activities and having a tracker that wasn’t completely hideous. I honestly went back and forth between the bands and almost bought one right off the bat, but decided I still really needed to do more research!

fitbit flex

I originally had my eyes set on the fitbit flex ($99.95), but hearing about an impending lawsuit really turned me off of the company (at least for now). The Force, the bracelet they recalled due to people having skin reactions to the bracelets, would have been perfect for me, so it’s a shame they had to recall it! Anyways, I was really excited by the colors of the flex (the aqua is so cute and so is pretty much every other color) and at first, the features seemed like they would work for me. However, after taking a closer look, I found that the accuracy wasn’t very great. I also found that for entering in food, there was no barcode scanner either! I’m constantly on the go and realized that that was an important thing to me as well! Sleep-wise, the flex doesn’t rely on REM cycles; it’s a straight alarm. I was also a little worried about the quality of the basic rubber band; the display in Best Buy was already ripping! After comparing the flex to the other bands on the market, I decided to ex it out of the competition pretty early.


Next up, I checked out the Nike+ FuelBand SE ($149), but it was surprisingly negated pretty quickly! First off, the fuel band doesn’t have an alarm. Also, by nature of the band, the FuelBand is really meant to be for hardcore athletes rather than fitness enthusiasts. So, if you’re largely into baseball or basketball or football or something, this band would probably be more of one for you to look at, rather than myself.

garmin vivofit

On a trip to REI, the Garmin Vivofit ($129.99/$169.99) was introduced to me! There is a model that includes a heart rate tracker and one that does not; I probably would have gotten the one without it because I can’t see myself wearing a chest strap on the daily! Otherwise, the Garmin was looking pretty good. This is the only band I was looking at that really has a display, so seeing the time would have been nice, but the screen made it a little clunky. It was cool though that the battery would last a year before it dies! That sounds pretty handy to me. The app, however, seemed pretty basic to me. It was there to track my steps and that kind of seemed like it. There was a cool function of a looming red bar on the screen, though, that would grow as you became more and more sedentary. That would be pretty motivating to me to get up and take a little walk.

jawbone up24

In the end, however, I ended up going with the Jawbone UP24 ($149.99). Why? Well, let me start off by saying I really wasn’t even looking at it at first. With the retail price tag of $150 it was a little high compared to the Fitbit Flex ($99) that I had my eyes set on. (Side note: I ended up price-matching Amazon at the local store which ended up making it actually less expensive than the Viofit!) After hearing so many good things about it, I decided to start researching and I was blown away. Regarding sleep, my UP24 uses REM cycles to decide when it’s time to get up. I tell it that I need to get up at 7 AM and choose that it can wake me up as early as 6:40 AM so I can wake when I’m in the lightest sleep possible. Not only that, but it wakes me up with a vibrate to the wrist which is so much more calming than a blaring alarm. It also tracks my sleep and tells me when I had light sleep, deep sleep and when I woke up. It’s comforting to be able to look and see why I was so tired and run down the morning after sleeping. I try to read correlations from there and change things so I get better sleep! I also like that I can use the stopwatch function to track activities other than walking like cycling, elliptical, yoga, weight lifting, cross training… It’s awesome! Plus, for the food portion, they have a barcode scanner for food plus a search database. Not only that, but you can also add a picture of what you ate, where you ate it and when you ate it! How cool is that?!
I can’t wait to keep using my UP24 and figuring out all the cool stuff I can do with it!

Of course there are other trackers available like the Polar Loop and Shine Misfit, but since I didn’t have any interest in them, I didn’t even bother! If you swim, do check out the Shine Misfit! To decide I had to read dozens of reviews and do some in-person investigation myself as well. In the end, I am incredibly happy with my decision; it's just important to find the band that's right for YOU!

Do you have a fitness band? If you do, what do you like about it? I’d love to hear what you think.

New Disney Attraction Shirts on Disney Parks Online Store

"From April 15-20, the Disney Parks online store will release two T-shirts – a purple shirt celebrating Fantasyland at Disneyland park, and a green shirt featuring the Sunshine Tree Terrace at Magic Kingdom Park. The original Fantasyland attraction poster referenced for the purple tee was created in 1955 by Bjorn Aronson.
For the green t-shirt, many readers may recall seeing this attraction poster when the Orange Bird returned to the Sunshine Tree Terrace in April 2012. I can’t wait to wear mine while enjoying a citrus swirl in Adventureland (does anyone care to join me?)."
"Then, from April 22-27, we salute the 50th anniversary of two classic Disney attractions – “it’s a small world” and Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. Both attractions debuted at the 1964 New York World’s Fair and later found their way to Disney Parks. For these T-shrts, we will offer both adult and kids sizes.
The “it’s a small world” shirt was inspired by the attraction poster designed by Paul Hartley in 1966. The Carousel of Progress shirt references a design from 1967 by Ken Chapman (I want to be that guy pictured at right living in Progress City!).
To find these T-shirts, I invite you to visit during the dates referenced above. The shirts will ship in 6-8 weeks once orders are completed (express shipping is not available)."
Did you guys hear about the new attraction poster shirts coming to Disney Store's Online Parks section? I can't wait. I love old attraction posters and these new shirts are so cute to capture them! It looks like the shirts are $24.95 each, which is pretty standard for Disney prices. I might just have to get one for myself! I think my favorite is the It's A Small World tee. It's 50 year anniversary was on April 10th which is coincidentally my dad's birthday too! It's a small world after all.
Which is your favorite?

Top 8 Items for a Disney Day.

Top 10 for a Disney Day.

1. Wet wipes.
... Because you know with that Mickey Bar that things are going to get messy. I like to carry around wet wipes for messy situations, sweat and to wipe down dirty tables! This is important especially if you have little ones. You'll thank me later!

2. plastic bags.
Either ziploc or grocery bags; having some on hand is helpful. You can use it to snore snacks, wet or dirty clothes, to organize and pretty much for anything. I don't like to lose things (and I doubt you do either) so this is a good way to keep things separated and organized! I like to bring a couple sandwich bags, grocery bags and gallon bags. I know I'll end up needing them! When we have extra food that keeps well, like extra pretzels or even an apple, I like to put it in a bag so we can snack on it later!

3. reusable water bottle.
There are so many water fountains in Disneyland, it'd be silly to not take advantage of them! It's also incredibly important to stay hydrated during a long day at Disneyland! It's not fun to get dehydrated! I actually found a reusable water bottle that can roll up so when you're not using it; it's the best. I saw a couple Disney ones at Dollar Tree today, actually. They had a princess one and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. So cute!

4. Snacks.
I like to have some snacks on hand when I enter the parks because you never know when someone is going to get hungry! Especially when you're in line. I like to pack protein bars, fruit snacks and granola bars. Stuff to tide us over until it's time to eat that delicious real Disney food! It's also a little better for you than eating churros for every half-meal.

5. Mickey ears. 
Show your Disney side! This is the one place you can be silly without getting a funny look! Plus, Mickey ears are the best accessory at a Disney park. There are so many options, too! Silver, Minnie Mouse, pink princess and more. A bunch of people like @judyandpark on Instagram do customs as well.

6. Extra outfit in summer.
I love Splash Mountain so much. What I don't love is wet jeans sticking to my legs and giving me a rash while I'm trying to walk around Disneyland the rest of the day! For this reason, I like to bring a pair of shorts and a top for water rides like Splash Mountain and Grizzly River Rapids because I know I will regret being soaking wet all day later! Sometimes I'll even bring a full outfit because new panties and socks after a wet ride are A+. Sometimes I'll be dry enough to be in the sun for an hour and be completely dry again, but sometimes I'm soaked right down to the core!

7. Sunscreen.
Don't go without it. You know you'll regret it.

8. Portable charger.
You don't want your camera or phone dying midday, so you should bring a portable charger. I use Mophie power packs. They go on my iPhone like a case and charge my phone an extra 70%. I charge it overnight in the hotel and do it all over again the next day. There are some outlets in the park, but I definitely prefer to do it this way. Disneyland also offers charging lockers so you can leave your phone to charge, but I don't like to be without my phone, so the charger is the way to go for me.

In case you were in need of some cheering up today.

This is my sweetie-pie fur baby Sebastian. I love him. Especially when he makes faces like this. 

7 Things I Stumbled Upon Today!

No shame, but I have been watching Scandal all morning. THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD. Honestly though, if you haven't watched it, you need to start. So many "wtf" and crying moments wrapped up together that I don't even know what to do with myself. In fact, an episode I'm watching right now is making me want to puke. So, you should definitely watch it.

I got to catch up on my Bloglovin' feed too, which is relieving seeing that I had 300 posts in my feed. Yikes! But hey, now it's gone and my blogging soul is filled!
I also discovered some interesting links today that y'all need to check out!

No Laptops, No Wifi: How One Cafe Fired Up Sales
I found this article to be so interesting and really want to pay this cafe a visit. No screens? Pretty appealing. It's a great business model, too. I'd love to see the exact statistics on how productive it really is to ban screens.

WTF. Read the weirdness.
Okay, I am so glad I don't know anyone like this. Although, it would probably be tear-inducingly hilarious to actually see some of this stuff in person.

Insane Lego Resume. I wish I were this cool.
I really do wish I were this cool. I want my own, personalized Lego set!

Vanity Table Ideas
If I had a vanity or space for one, I would love to set it up like this. I also wish I had beautiful bottles, but for now my beat up essentials will just have to do and I think I'm okay with that

Brush Cleaning Tips
I am so bad about cleaning my makeup brushes. I should probably take her tips!

On Being More Photogenic
Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere talks about being more photogenic and it's interesting! I wouldn't obsess over it, but the attention to detail and what those under the photographic scope do to look good.

Cutest Casual Look Ever
I love this look that Cara Loren put together. Casual style with a hint of glamour? I'm in love.