remy hair extensions from irresistible me

So I have had a definite case of the hair blahs lately. I've considered getting bangs, dying the ends pink (dip dye), cutting it off... You name it. Then, I ended up on YouTube for 2 hours and ended up making a kind of big, but strange, purchase.
Hair extensions.
I had never really even thought of them before; I found them to be a little weird. But to be able to change up my style and look like a mermaid? Nothing sounded better. After some research, on YouTube and Google in General, I ended up looking into Irresistible Me and I'm pretty happy with what I stumbled upon! Out of all the brands I researched, Irresistible Me hair extensions seem to have the best quality and value for the money! I got 18 inch extensions in silky golden blonde (#14) and I cannot wait for them to get here. I really wish I could have gotten the Royal Remy set, but it was just a little too pricey for me. I feel like these are going to be great, inexpensive hair extensions. Nevertheless, I'm just really excited to get the clip-ins and am hoping they're the right color so I can start playing with them right away! Does anyone have tips on using and styling extensions?

So, if you follow me on instagram, twitter or facebook, you know how obsessed and meticulous I am about my nails... And you've probably heard about Marvel Nails in Tempe, AZ. Seriously. I could go on forever about how much I love this place. I've had the worst time finding a reliable nail tech. There's always something I find wrong with them... They'll be great at the manicure part but the paint always chips or they'll make me bleed every time or something. Sound familiar? Story of my life. 

I am also obsessed with Yelp. Chronically. If we're set on going to a restaurant and I see that it has 2 stars? We are not going there anymore. I know that is the worst thing to say, but that method has always been the safest to follow; going never turns out well. Anyways, one day I decided I was really frustrated with my current nail salon (on my last visit I waited an hour after my appointment time and they overcharged me), I went to Yelp. I saw 5 stars for this nail salon, "Marvel Nails". I liked it already thanks to the name's likeness to Marvel comics. Past the name, I saw tons of pictures of the absolute cutest nails I had ever seen. I made an appointment immediately. I had to try it for myself! 

The first time I kept it pretty low-key with just solids and a little design with glitter here and there, but I eventually got to see Tiffany's talent on my own nails. I absolutely fell in love.

First up was the Disney nails.

The reason for the splurge was our upcoming trip to Disney World. I wanted some nice nails that would stay beautiful throughout our trip but had a cute Disney flair... She absolutely killed it. I got crazy compliments on this manicure! It was so unique and fun that I just had to go back for more!

This time I tried to keep it a little more classic, but we had to throw in the bling.
 I love how simple this was. The little flowers were so garden party-feeling and the green was of course beautiful. 

As much as I loved the last two designs, this one took the cake and made it mandatory that I immediately write this post.

Working on it...

Here it is!

3D freaking roses. A work of art on my nails. I don't know how she does it. She is just absolutely extraordinary and I can't get enough of her nail designs.

If you want to go freak out over cute nails check out Marvel Nails' Yelp here. And find more designs on instagram here and here. If you're lucky enough to live in Arizona near Tempe, go check out Marvel Nails for yourself! Tiffany is the manager and the one who does the amazing nail design so set up an appointment with her!
I'm so happy to be sharing my favorite nail place with you. Hopefully you can get in soon!

And I was suddenly in love with purple lipstick: my July Birchbox unboxing

Apparently this was mis-typed on my card. I said moisturizer in the video, but it's really the serum!

This stuff is kick-butt and cute. Check it out!

So excited to try out these products from Birchbox! Such a fun thing to subscribe to! If you're interested in subscribing, click HERE and sign up! It's only $10 a month and totally cures my beauty fix.


Reading: Less books than I would like to... I miss reading so much! Finding the time and patience for it is just becoming harder and harder, though. I'm reading my calendar over and over again figuring out how I'm going to survive with all I've got going on. 
Doing: Sitting on my computer writing this post and procrastinating on going to bed, despite the fact that I've got to be at work at 7:30 tomorrow morning. 
Thinking: About how I should go to bed but am obviously going to keep on writing this post. Oops.
Listening: ... To my dog jumping on and hitting my trashcan and every other object in my kitchen, trying to get some morsel of whatever lies on it. He's a stinker, especially at night.
Feeling Thankful: Feeling thankful for all of the opportunities that have come to me by way of what I thought were heart-wrenching lost opportunities. Obviously, I was mistaken as I love what adventures are in store for me right now. I'm thankful for the patience I've had while working through these ups and downs and that the outcome is wonderful. I'm thankful for my friends and family that support me in what I love to do and will do anything to see my succeed. I'm also feeling really thankful for those who have lifted me up and helped me get to where I am today.
Watching: Nothing, surprisingly. Usually I've got Netflix on non-stop watching What Not to Wear or Say Yes to the Dress, but tonight it's been rather quiet, which I'm actually okay with. 
Working On: Furthering my blog, developing my writing, developing myself and my personality, being a better person, having a more structured and efficient day, eating actual meals, organizing my life and my home... Basically just working on building a better future for myself.

What are you up to currently?

Torrid Love: Fun, Flirty Clothes For A Curvy Girl

Follow Dani's board Things I Love: The Curvy Edition. on Pinterest.

I'm starting a job at Torrid today so I decided I'd create a board on Pinterest to pin some things I'm totally loving from there right now! Torrid is a store catered towards curvy gals size 12-28 to make them feel sexy, beautiful and empowered through fashion and self-confidence! Rather than feeling "plus size" or "fat"; we are curvy, confident and cute! I've been shopping at Torrid for quite a while. Back in the eighth grade, my mall had this "Back To School Fashion Show" and I got to strut my stuff in some cute clothes from Torrid; that's where the love affair started. I love Torrid because they have high quality clothes that fit my body and make me feel amazing. Gone are the days of too-short dresses due to a big booty and muffin top from low-rise jeans. They've got trendy styles in swim, dresses, tops, outerwear, undergarments... You name it! And they're all super cute.

I'm really excited to work for the company and help other girls find their voice and confidence through fashion. Torrid was a store that helped me find my voice and I want others to have that chance as well. If you haven't heard of Torrid, go check it out! And don't forget to follow me on Pinterest for more cute styles!

3 tips from "What Not to Wear"

So I've totally been binging on episodes of What Not to Wear. It's definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Lately when I've gone shopping or been organizing my closet, there are two little voices in my head: those of Clinton and Stacey. I feel like they'd be the coolest best friends in the world. They are absolutely ridiculous and hilarious; I can't get enough of them! Seriously, though. If you've never seen the show, first of all, WHY?! Second of all, go watch it! Now! I'll wait.

You done? Okay, now that you're hooked, you know that Clinton and Stacey have the best tips for dressing every body type. Over the past couple of episodes, I've gathered some tips that I agree with and wanted to share with you guys. So here they are!

When going through your closet, think about each piece. Do you love it? Is it just there? I have a friend, Elaissia, who is quite vocal in her opinions. It's tough love most of the time, but when I think about it, she's usually right. So, when going through my closet, I think about how I could justify to her why the piece is worth keeping. Sometimes I think of Clinton and Stacey's opinions, too. I'm kind of a clothes hoarder so this is an incredibly important thing for me to keep in mind! My closet is constantly over-wrought with crap so this is great to keep in mind!

This is a great tip I need to take into account more often. Structure pieces can define and even create curves. Sometimes I feel like my body looks a little blobby and structure pieces add, well, structure to my shape! I feel like a foxy mama when I can define an hourglass figure and kind of like a marshmallow when I wear slouchy tees. My favorite places to find structure are in blazers and dresses! Blazers especially. That way I can hide the slouchy comfortable tee underneath my cute cut blazer with some jeans for a nice, pulled together outfit!

I wish I understood the worth of tailors earlier on in life. I find these perfect pieces that are a little too baggy in the waist, or too long, or too loose in the butt... And then just leave them where they are. I have a maxi dress that I wouldn't wear half the time because it was too long... Then, I got it hemmed so it looked good with heels and flats and now it's one of my favorite dresses! I own and love so many things that just need a little help. I used to find myself just buying new and different dresses, but I could just be making the ones I have right now perfect, instead. Or, I wear the dresses I have that fit wonky and they look terrible. Nobody wants that! It defeats the purposes of dressing "well" in the first place. So, I think tailors are miracle workers. Either find a good tailor or learn how to do stuff yourself! You'll be amazed at the difference.

Patagonia Atom Review: The best daypack ever!

I recently took the Patagonia Atom to Walt Disney World and it is officially the best bag for Disney World and the best bag for Disneyland, too! In fact, I'd go so far to say it is the best day pack. It is small enough to not break your back over a week-long Disney vacation but it was big enough to hold a pretty decent amount of stuff! 

Here's what I put in my bag:

My iPhone
Mophie Charging Case for iPhone (x2) (I use the Juice Pack Plus, but had a Juice Pack Helium too!)
My Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards
Mini Hairbrush
Apple Earbuds
An Umbrella (totes umbrella)

Then, I carbinered my CamelBak Groove filtered water bottle and I was done!

I fit all of that in my Patagonia Atom! The sling pack is seriously like a Mary Poppins carpet bag in daypack form!

As you can see, there are many pockets on the Patagonia Atom. Other features include a tablet pouch (a little mesh pouch inside the atom; I just used it to keep my wallet in one spot), a mesh zippered pouch inside the Slingpack, a shoulder strap pocket with a sort of sunglasses case lining to prevent scratching, an almost hidden zipper pocket on the side to go against the back that has the same lining which is perfect to hold a smart phone, the adjustable buckles to carbiner or hold onto any extras and an awesome breathable and comfy back and shoulder strap! I love how easy it is to get into the bag while in motion and in general. Instead of having the take the entire bag off, I can just slide the bag around my body and get into the zippered areas quite easily! I don't even have to remove it by putting it over my head, there's a buckle I can easily unclip! For a more active trip than a Disney vacation, there's even a waist belt that can keep the pack tight on your body.

In their words...
"The single-strap design makes it simple to access your things - just spin the Atom around to your chest. The large zippered main pocket has mesh and stretch-woven pockets inside (also zippered) to organize small items. A convenient zippered pocket on the shoulder strap has a soft lining to protect valuables; adjustable buckles lash any extras to the outside. Breathable 3-D spacer mesh pads the shoulder strap and back panel to wick moisture, dry quickly and increase ventilation. For biking and hiking, an integrated waistbelt keeps the pack close to your torso. Made of a 420-denier 100% nylon oxford plain weave, with an 840-denier 100% ballistic nylon bottom. The lining is 200-denier 100% polyester. All fabrics have a DWR (durable water repellent) finish.

Here is the example of packing it that Patagonia gives:

All in all, I really loved this bag for my Disney vacation. It will be one I use not only for trips to Disneyland or Disney World, but a bag I will use as a day pack around the city and even when I go hiking. It would be a great hiking day pack for short hikes. If you are in the market for a smaller, efficient bag for a Disney trip, I would definitely suggest the Patagonia Atom. At $45.00 it is a reasonable price (especially if you buy it from R.E.I. with a coupon like I did, bringing the price down to about $36.00). I would definitely suggest looking into this bag for a day pack, no matter where your journey may take you.

I was not paid or given this product complimentary from Patagonia; I bought the bag with my hard-earned money and just want to share its awesomeness with you!