The Wizard of Oz? No, the Wizard of Style.

Earlier this year, I went to the touring stage production of The Wizard of Oz at ASU Gammage and absolutely loved it. I was listening to the music again and it reminded me of how much I loved it! The stage production of The Wizard of Oz brings an entirely new feel to the movie we all know and love. The show features classic songs like “Over the Rainbow” and “If I Only Had a Brain”, but also brings in new songs like “Nobody Understands Me” and “Red Shoes Blues.” Andrew Lloyd Webber, the producer, has turned out numerous hits before, such as the Phantom of the Opera, Cats and Evita. Danielle Wade (Dorothy) was the winner of the CBC reality show “Over the Rainbow,” which earned her the role of Dorothy in the North American premiere of Wizard of Oz.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking The Wizard of Oz may be Dorothy’s ruby slippers? Her iconic blue gingham dress? Glinda’s pink gown? The Emerald City? There are actually so many aspects of fashion found in the show. From crazy sets to costumes to general ideas; the show is full of inspiration.

not your average dorothy.

This dress (Modcloth, $137.99) is the perfect mature Dorothy dress. Yes, she is known for her gingham, but this dress brings a subtlety to the classic Dorothy; making the outfit more reminiscent than costume-y.  The sparkly shoes (Delias, $19.90) are a must. How can you channel your inner Dorothy without some fabulous ruby slippers? At $19.90 they are a steal, too! Then, there’s Todo’s basket (ebay, $14.99) to pull everything together. Don’t forget the braids, too!

emerald city
Who can talk about Wizard of Oz without mentioning the Emerald City or the yellow brick road? This is my refined take on them. This beautiful emerald dress (Modcloth) could be styled up or down, which is what I love. For this look, styling it up with some gold heels (Modcloth, $29.99) to channel the yellow brick road is so cute. Add am emerald statement necklace (humble chic, $48.00)

Had to share these couple of looks I pulled together from my inspiration. Have you had the chance to see Wizard of Oz on stage yet?

5 Beauty Favorites

I have been beauty crazed lately and so happy to say I've had such great luck when it comes to great products.

I've never liked products in containers like this (you crank the bottom in a circle and it comes out into a brush at the top), but I love this product so much. I use it on the inner corner of my eye and brow bone the most. Sometimes, if I really need it, I put it underneath my eye too, but it's a little crease-y for that. I loooooove it for my highlighting accents, though. Definitely wins for best highlighter.

This stuff feels so great on my face. The last time I used toner was when I used Proactiv. I love how this one is gentle on my skin while still clarifying. 

So much more natural looking than a pencil. Plus, it stays put and keeps my brows shaped, too! Definitely the best option for filling in eyebrows.

This stuff is so so so great. It offers color, moisturizer and ultimate care for my lips! I love how it gives me color but doesn't dry out my lips; I love it.

This is a new one, but I think I'm slowly falling in love with it! It offers the natural coverage I need while giving my skin SPF and other benefits as well! In the past, I had crazy acne that couldn't be masked even by the foundation I had. Now that my skin is cleared up, I can use lighter, more natural products. I love it; I may have to try some other CC creams in the future.

DIY Bow Holder / DIY Pin Holder

When I got home from our Disney World trip back in June, I had a bag of pins and my bows all sitting in my bag waiting to be put away... And there they sat until about a week ago. I decided at that point that I needed to rid myself of the jumbled clutter and finally get my pins and bow up for the world to see! "But how?" I wondered. That's when I took to Pinterest. Here's what I found:
Both are lovely options, but as it was 3 in the morning (did I mention that?), they weren't exactly feasible options in my mind. Plus, I've got more of a shabby chic style going on here at my house so these just weren't doing it! 

That's when I came up with the easiest idea for bow and Disney pin holders.

 How easy does that look?! I'm still looking for some cuter thumbnails but at least the clear push pins do the job for now! 

Wide Burlap Ribbon (I think I used 4 inches.) You can get this at Michaels, other craft stores or here.
Push pins
Your beautiful bows or Disney pins!

All you do is cut your burlap to the desired length and then pin the burlap to the wall with the push pins. To insert the pins, I just went through the holes and put the closure on the other side. For bows, I just pushed the bar through the hole and then pushed to click like it was on my hair and bam! Instant cuteness. I'm sure there's a way to prevent frayed ends, but I kind of like how it looks right now so I'll be keeping it.

What do you guys think? I'd say it's pretty great for a craft at 3 in the morning! 
How do you display your Disney pins and bows? Tell me about it in the comments below. :)

Irresistible Me in Torrid

Happy Tuesday! This weekend was actually pretty enjoyable. I worked both Friday and Saturday but had most of Sunday off, so I got to relax with some friends and eat yummy food! It was pretty much the best Sunday ever. 

Another reason my weekend was so fantastic was because these beauties came in the mail earlier than expected!

I used to think hair extensions were super weird and gross. The idea of having someone else's hair on your head was really off-putting to me, but it was coming time for a hair change and I didn't want to cut or color it, so what else was left? Extensions! I ordered 140g of the 18 in. Irresistible Me hair in Silky Golden Blonde (#14). It only took 6 days to get here and came just in time to play with it over the weekend! 

When I opened the pretty black box, I found a long ziploc full of hair. One side was ready to open so I could see if the hair was the right color directly against my own hair (without the running the risk of not being able to return them). Even if I found that it wasn't the right color, I could still return it at this point! I found this to be especially helpful because you can never really tell through the plastic! Luckily it was the PERFECT color, so I broke the seal and happily went on my way to check out my new hair! 

I put in the extensions in less than 20 minutes and I loved how they looked! Even straight. Then, I went about curling my hair and it just looked lovely. This is my hair the second day I wore it when I speed curled it. But hey, this is also my super cute outfit mostly via Torrid! Torrid is a plus size fashion store for sizes 12-26 and has some AMAZING clothes for curvy women.