12 Days of Disney: Day 12

day twelve: check-in day!
The fact that I'm feeling like paper work is going to be the most magical thing in the world right now is really pathetic... But unfortunately true. Yay Disney!
I woke up before 6:30am this morning... I was too excited to sleep!
We're literally sitting here in bed like we can't sleep... This is torture! I'm just so happy today is the day!
But really, me when I think about Carnegie being my home...
I guess you could say I'm pretty excited.

12 Days of Disney: Day 11

day eleven: Free Write (talk about anything you want regarding Disney or DCP)

Sooooo tomorrow is check-in day and I am ridiculously excited. 
Today we drove to California and spent the afternoon in Downtown Disney (we went to Naples for dinner), then hanging out and then back to the Disney area to go to Trader Sam's (which was not so impressive tonight, unfortunately). Now I'm laying in the bed in our hotel room just marveling in the fact that this is really happening. Tomorrow we move into Carnegie which I think will really make it real. I'm so excited! The next time I write, I'll be a Disney cast member... How crazy is that?

12 Days of Disney: Day 10

day ten: 10 random Disney facts about me

1. I've been to Disneyland over 100 times.
2. Three of my animals are named after Disney characters {Sebastian (The Little Mermaid), Zira (The Lion King 2) and Bambi (Bambi)}
3. I was born the year The Lion King came out.
4. When my high school went to Disneyland for choir tour, we got to do a singing session in a Disney studio and record and couple songs. One of the songs was from Enchanted ("Happy Working Song") and I got to sing as Giselle! I was crying a lot. Of course.
5. I was named "Disney" by my choir teacher in high school and it pretty much stuck from there on.
6. I'm always that person in the parks that asks if you need help taking your picture.
7. I'm obsessed with Disney merchandise.
8. I've been to Disney World twice this year!
9. I got to perform in a show of American Idol Experience (so glad I did this before it closed!)
10. I've been in the Indiana Jones Stunt Show! 

12 Days of Disney: Day 9

Day Nine: Favorite Attraction in Each Disney Park You've Visited
So this is going to be a ridiculously long list. I'll just get started without so much as an introduction!
California Adventure
Magic Kingdom
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Animal Kingdom

Just kidding. Way too late to the party... But I do miss American Idol Experience. 

12 Days of Disney Challenge: Day 8

day eight: free write (talk about anything you want regarding Disney or DCP)

Yes, I've fallen behind yet again on my blog post, but I suppose that's a small price to pay if it means having my apartment mostly packed up (yay)!
I'm incredibly nervous. Well, nervous, but excited.

"I was nervous, but excited, so I started singing a song called "Nervous, But Excited." People just stared at me. There was zero choreography... Zero!"
(Seriously all I can think about when I hear someone say they're nervous, but excited. Favorite SNL skit ever.)
Yes, I'm writing this post late (it should have been written on Day 8, but today is day 9 (EEP)), so it is actually pretty close to time for me to leave, can you believe it?! Having to pack up my entire apartment has been chaotic, but it's so exciting because it means I'm moving onto bigger things. I'm really nervous to leave my family and friends, but I know what I'm doing is going to set me apart from competition in the future and it is quite honestly the experience of a lifetime. I can't even begin to explain how blessed I feel. Yes, the shifts will be long, yes people will sometimes be grumpy... But I am fulfilling a longtime dream and that's worth any bad day.
Today I packed some of my clothes into my suitcase and the feeling I had was just unbelievable. It was unbelievable to have the knowledge that this was really happening. I went from randomly deciding to apply on a beautifully optimistic night in August to my nerve-wrecking web interview to cramming and having my phone interview to being accepted and so excited... Then there was the waiting... And now? It's finally here. It's finally happening.
I am so excited.

12 Days of Disney Challenge: Day 7

day seven: Favorite Dwarf from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Is it terrible that I am totally and completely in love with Dopey? He is just the cutest little thing. 
I mean, how adorable are those ears of his?

12 Days of Disney Challenge: Day 6

With this post, I will finally be caught up with my 12 Days of Disney Challenge! I vowed to myself that I would not stop mid-challenge and so far, that's going well! I hope those of you that are CPers and are reading this are getting excited! For the Disneyland CPers, we really just have 5 days until check in! It's nuts! 

day six: favorite holiday to experience in a Disney Park and why
{picture via tumblr}
Christmas wins this battle hands down. It's always been my favorite holiday in the parks and this past November, I got to experience Disney World during the holidays and it was oh so magical. The castle was glowing, the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights was absolutely breathtaking, the weather didn't suck and it was just an amazing time. 
Disney decorations really can't be beat and that's what I think makes the holidays there so great. Plus, people seem to have this glow about them (it's not just the Christmas lights shining in their eyes) and everything seems peaceful (even with the far-off screams from Splash Mountain). Plus, Christmas at the Disney Parks mean Christmas parades which are the best kinds of parades!

What's your favorite holiday to celebrate at the Disney Parks?

12 Days of Disney Challenge: Day 5

day five: top 5 Disney movies and why

Is it weird that I was dreading this day? I feel like choosing your favorite movie is like choosing a favorite child, or type of ice cream or something important like that. Well, here goes nothing. 
p.s. because I'm finicky like that, these aren't in order of love either.
p.p.s. I definitely love a bajillion more movies than this.
p.p.p.s. I just would've been here for 10 hours deciding.

#5 Enchanted
Seriously, could this be any more perfect? Giselle thinks a shower is magical... A shower! I just love the comparison of hardcore Disney Princess-ness to real life. It's so simply beautiful to see such magic come to life in the real world. Plus, I love dancing around to the songs while I clean. How could you not? I'm really upset Giselle isn't an official Disney princess.

#4 Tangled
I don't know if it's the fact that there's a brutalizing thug who loves ceramic unicorns or the fact that Flynn Rider (Eugene)'s smolder is so dreamy, but this movie is perfection. I relate so much to Rapunzel sometimes... Which is probably not something I should admit because I especially feel so in sync in the scene where she is obviously bipolar. 

#3 Aladdin
One of my favorites just from watching the stage show in California Adventure so many times. Plus, Aladdin and Jasmine are super cute. And carpet and genie are perfect and adorable. Abu, too!

#2 Mary Poppins
I cry every single time I watch this darn movie. Julie Andrews is one of my favorite actresses and the film itself is a masterpiece. I think what really fostered my love for this movie was Saving Mr. Banks (another contender for the list), just because it reveals so much about what really went into this movie.

#1 The Princess and the Frog
I. Love. Hand. Drawn. Animation. I'm so glad they brought it back for this picture. It's becoming a lost art form and I don't want to see that happen! This is one of those movies that I could watch over and over again (which I do a lot on trips, as it's the only movie I have saved on my phone). Everything about it just sits so well and resonates so soundly in the end. Plus, Lottie is hilarious, so there's that too.

12 Days of Disney Challenge: Day 4

I'm officially the worst. I've missed the past couple of days posting because of packing up my apartment and not wanting to leave my couch in the hour a day that I get to rest! Plus, all of the little ends to tie get pretty time-consuming too!
Packing up an apartment is hard work, especially when you're trying to decide simultaneously what goes in storage, what goes to your parent's house and what goes with you to Disney! This experience is also making me realize (as if it weren't obvious before) that I have a serious attachment to my clothing. I, for some reason, can't convince myself that 30 t-shirts is too many. Whoops. All hail space bags, I guess.
Anyway, I digress. Day 4 of the 12 Days of Disney Challenge is a free write, so luckily I'm feeling pretty free write-y right now. I decided for my free write, I'd share what's going on in my life right now with a little insta-feature, so here we go!
 First of all, I chopped some of my hair off. I can't decide if this was a good or a bad decision, but I'm going with it! It's taking quite a bit of trial and error to figure out how to style it, but I think I like it so far! It feels a lot more healthy, which was my goal.
Another reason I didn't get to post is because yesterday was my last day at Torrid, the plus-size clothing store I've been working at since July! It's been such a dream working with such an amazing team! I am so glad I got the experience I did working with Team Tempe! I'll miss them!
Here's the team, aren't they the cutest?

Anyway, there's my update! Today I packed up a little bit of my apartment. A little bit meaning my dog's stuff got over to my dad's and like 4 cabinets in my kitchen are empty now. Whee. Well, guess you gotta start somewhere! 

Also, all of these pictures are from my instagram! So, if you want to follow my craziness there, follow me at @sincerelydanirose.

12 Days of Disney Challenge: Day 3

day three: top 3 characters and why

#1 Donald Duck
It is ridiculous how much I love this bundle of feathers. I've thought long and hard about which of the fab five were my favorite and have realized that Donald is definitely it. Yes, he has a pretty bad temper most of the time, but at his sweetest moments, he really warms my heart. I mean, look at him and Daisy! How much cuter could they be?!
#2 Belle
Belle is definitely in my top three. She is strong, courageous, genuine, beautiful and spunky. How could you not love her? Plus, Beauty and the Beast is a masterpiece, so. 
#3 Lady and Tramp
Okay, so these are two characters, but they go together, so I'm totally allowed to pair them together for this! It's not just the romance between these two that I love, it's their characters. It's just so wonderful to see the blissfully ignorant Lady with the crazy, free spirited Tramp. They're just so fantastic. 

12 Days of Disney Challenge: Day 2

day two: update on packing
Okay, I've been putting off this post almost as long as I've been putting off packing! (Hence the whole writing it at 8:30pm.) 
Before I leave, I've got to pack up my entire apartment in addition to actually packing for the DCP. This makes the whole situation a little more stressful. So far, I've got some shoes I'm not taking with me in a box and some clothes I'm not taking boxed up as well. That's pretty much it. My #1 DCP advice already is don't procrastinate. Gah. 

Well, I've at least started a list of things to bring, so it should be pretty easy from here! 
I mean, at least my Minnie headbands are packed, right?