What do I wear to Disneyland?

A very popular question people ask when they are planing a trip to Disneyland is, "what do I wear?" So, I decided that today would be the day I try and tackle that question and put my opinions out there in the blogosphere!
I admittedly don't wear the same thing every time I go, but I have pared my looks down to 3 options, so here we go!

look #1: disneybounding meeting characters

Look #1 is what I wear when I'm planning a slow day and meeting lots of characters! If I'm sharing a picture on instagram, it's got to be cute. I default to this dress ^^ from City Chic a lot because it reminds me of Minnie Mouse, plus it's super comfortable! Anytime I wear a dress to Disneyland, I wear my high waist shaper shorts from Dress Barn underneath. They smooth out my rolls and keep my thighs from rubbing together (dreaded chub rub). For my bag, I usually wear a small crossbody so I can keep my hands free, while still keeping it more stylish than a backpack. Shoes-wise, when I dress up like this, I wear my white converse, because who says I can't wear my converse with my dress? (10 points to you if you get the reference.) They provide comfort and at least a little more style than my Asics. I, of course, have to throw my Minnie ears on, too! Not only do I wear Disney Parks' ears, but you can regularly find me in Instagram's "@JudyandPark"'s ears as well.

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{Dress: City Chic}
{Ears: Judy and Park}
{Cardigan: Forever 21+}

look #2

Look #2 is my happy medium between dressed up disneybounding and slumming it down to get stuff done. When it's a little warmer, you can't go wrong with a cute tee tucked into some high waisted shorts! Another variation of this outfit when it's colder is jeans, a cute Disney tee and a cardigan. For shoes, I still try to keep it a little cuter than my joggers, but go with the comfort! As you may notice, none of my looks include sandals or flip flops. Knowing how many miles I do walk at Disneyland a day, I would not want that mileage to be only in flip flops! That would absolutely wreck me.
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{Top: Angie's via Disneyland at Elias & Co.}
{Jeggings: Torrid}
{Necklace: The Shine Project}

look #3

Look #3 is what I wear when I really don't care how I look and most everything is about function. I throw on my yoga capris, a t-shirt and my Asics and then grab my Patagonia Atom pack and I'm set to go. Most days I'll throw on some Minnie ears to at least have a hint of cuteness, but on these days, I'm in it to ride the most rides I can.

must haves~

Nomatter what I'm doing there are some must-haves I've got that stay with me every time I go into the parks.
1. My Starbucks Card (usually on my phone)
Did you know that the Starbucks inside the Disney Parks accept Starbucks cards? It's pretty much the best thing to have happened in the history of Disneyland (obviously). I prefer walking over to Starbucks and getting my tea rather than getting soda, so it works out perfectly for me.
2. My iPhone 6 Plus
This thing is literally my baby. I don't really carry around my DSLR too much; my iPhone takes such great pictures for normal days like Disney days!
3. My iPhone Charger and an External Battery Pack
That being said, I'm on it like crazy, so I've got to keep it charged! I've always got my external battery and charger with me.
4. Nivea's a Kiss of Care and Color 
I love this stuff. It is a great moisturizing lip product that also gives you a bit of color! It keeps me not looking so pale in pictures and keeps my lips addictingly soft.
5. A Bag You Can Count On
A bag can make or break a Disney day. I would never bring a shoulder back. I stick to backpacks, crossbody bags and my slingpack!
6. Comfy Shoes
I am not afraid to pair a cute dress with sneakers. If I'm miserable, it ruins the whole day... Why let a pair of shoes do that? I love my Asics and Converse. If I'm going to the parks for a few days straight or going to Disney World, I break my no sandals rule and bring them to change into mid-day for a break from my sneakers!
7. Sunglasses
Obviously a must have in California!
8. Sunscreen
There is nothing worse than a sunburn. Well, maybe blisters, but a sunburn is a very close second! Don't forget to put on sunscreen in the morning, and more importantly, reapply! If you forget that, you pretty much shouldn't have even put it on to begin with if you expect it to work.
9. A Cardigan
Nomatter how warm out it is, you will regularly find me with a cardigan. Inside attractions get cold, water rides happen and nights get cool... How could you not bring a cardi?

Spring SoCal Staples

1. Cardigans
Despite the fact that everyone thinks it's super warm in SoCal all the time, I always have those days where I'm begging for warmth because it's so dang cold! My favorite cardigans right now are from Forever 21 (I'm actually wearing this one right now). I feel like I have a cardigan for every situation from short ones to wear with dresses to button ups to drapey cardigans! They're just so great for finishing off and outfit and providing a little shield from the chill!

2. The Perfect Lippie
I feel like this spring is the spring for lips to shine. Whether you use a subtle nude, a striking peony or a bold red; polished lips are in.

3. Sunscreen
In the winter, sunscreen takes a backseat, but as it gets closer and closer to spring, I feel like I'm lathering on the sunscreen like nobody's business! Probably the most important accessory on the list. I burn super quickly and goodness knows nothing looks good with bright red skin. So there! I really love Neutrogena, but my newest love has to be Aveeno! A lot of sunscreen makes my hands dry and uncomfortable, but Aveeno seriously feels like butter! Plus, it doesn't break me out.

4. External Battery Charger
January was busy with New Year's resolutions, February with loving and March? March is where it gets really crazy. I mean, Spring Break is coming up! Usually my battery is good through a normal day so long as I charge it in the car, but I find my external battery being used more and more for daily use rather than just Disney days! I have the EasyAcc Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank. I love that there are two USB ports so I can charge more than one device at a time! Whenever I pull it out, you can bet I have a friend begging to use it, so it's great to be able to charge them at the same time rather than choosing who gets to charge their phone first!

5. Hat
After spending the day in San Diego, an absolute dream compared to Anaheim (Sorry, Disneyland), I realized that hats are a ridiculously important aspect of life here in the spring. Plus, the jealousy I am feeling towards all of my friends back in AZ getting to go on Spring Break this week is killer. I wanna go to Mexico, too! I guess buying a cute sunhat instead will have to suffice. I mean, how cute is that periwinkle bow?! hats

Basic Spring Makeup Look

Hi everyone! I'm so happy I'm finally getting this YouTube video out! Irresponsible me let my computer run until my startup disc was so full I couldn't even upload a video, so I had to jump through some hoops to get it up and running again! Luckily, it's back to some sort of normalcy, so two videos should be coming out pretty soon! 

If you're looking for a tutorial for a bright, clean makeup look; this is it! I love to have a fresh face with a very simple eye and a poppy lip. If you have questions about any of the products I used, let me know in the comments below and I'll respond as soon as possible! Enjoy!

A Curvy Gal on Dapper Day

So, this past Sunday (March 1st) was Dapper Day here at Disneyland and boy was it a blast! Everyone was dressed up in their Sunday finest from vintage to modern day wear, walking around the park and taking pictures at every turn. It was my first Dapper Day and it will definitely not be my last; I had such a wonderful time!
However, I did have one problem while preparing for Dapper Day... Figuring out what to wear! It's tough enough to find the perfect Dapper outfit, but being curvy makes it even harder! I love wearing real vintage, but finding pieces that fit can be hard when you've got curves. Luckily, I found a few places that offered dresses and other pieces that are perfect for curvy gals!

This lovely place is where my Dapper Day dress is from! I love the styles they carry. They've got everything from formal wear to casual when it comes to dresses, which makes it the perfect destination to look for a Dapper Day outfit! The sizes run 14+, but I'm a 12 at Torrid and the size XS fits perfectly for me! Their Miss Sweet Dress is one of my favorites (you can see it in my right column picture), especially for Disneyland since it looks like Minnie Mouse. The Flicker Rose Dress is a gorgeous choice as well as it allows for the addition of a pop of color in choice of shoes or bag, while still delivering a gorgeous neutral print! Very versatile. My personal dress isn't available anymore, but it was an absolute dream for Dapper Day, especially with it being so chilly. It was great to have sleeves. Another great thing about City Chic is that they have some brick and mortar stores in California along with their online store! I love shopping City Chic at Brea Mall since I've moved here. The girls are so sweet and it's great to be able to try stuff on before I buy!
A photo posted by Dani (@sincerelydanirose) on
{dress via City Chic}
{Fascinator via Claire's}
{Shoes via Naturalizer}
{Gloves via Claire's}
Of course I've got to mention Torrid here. They don't have a ton of vintage-looking styles that I care for, but some other women just rock those dresses. They're usually more rockabilly and vintage twisted with skulls! For example, this Floral Skull Swing Dress would be darling! 

So this is a total new found love, but Pinup Girl has so many beautiful dresses and skirts that I want! One of my favorite things about them is that they have Disney inspired clothing and that is A+ in my book. Most of their stuff has plus size options, along with regular sizing, which makes it a great option for more curvy girls! I mean, they've even got an entire Mary Blair collection on the way. How darling is that? They've got a boutique in Burbank and a store online as well; check them out!

I couldn't create this list without at least mentioning Modcloth! It makes me nervous to shop online, but if there's anyone I trust for being transparent and true to sizing, it's Modcloth! The only downside to relying on Modcloth is having to wait for your pieces to be shipped, so you've got to shop early! The Confectioner's Dream Dress in Sky by Bea and Dot is absolutely gorgeous and is carried up to 4x! They've got lots of great options and their search bar in the left hand column is really handy for finding things carried specifically in your size! Plus, they're also a great source for accessories!

Speaking of accessories, they're something you can add to a very simple dress to make it unique and very dapper! Shoes, headpieces, hats, fascinators, bows, bags, jewelry... The options are endless! One of my favorite things to do is to take a very normal dress to the next level with drop dead gorgeous accessories. Try searching places like Etsy, Claire's (where I got my fascinator), Icing, Amazon, eBay and local vintage stores if you're looking for some great accessories!

So, that's my rundown of where to shop for curvy girls! Whether you're planning for Dapper Day in Florida or even next Dapper Day in California, hopefully these tips helped you find something to wear!